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Disease prevention through a healthy diet. A plate of cut fruit consisting of mango, raspberry, mandarin, apple, cantaloupe and plum prepared by Eat Fresh Chef Inc.

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Fresh Chef empowers individuals and families to learn how to prepare balanced, healthy meals through primarily plant-based foods.

Nutrition is Important

There are many significant health benefits to understanding nutrition. Most people know it's essential to eat healthily and have a basic idea of WHAT foods are healthy to consume.

Fresh Chef believes when you have a clearer understanding of plant-based foods' health benefits, you'll understand WHY certain foods are healthy. Being educated and empowered to make more sensible eating decisions is your fundamental right and crucial to your health, wellness, and chronic disease prevention.


Fresh Chef holds it down! I've been introduced to new foods, exciting recipes and have started my journey towards a nutrition filled diet. 

Fresh Chef changed my family's life. In addition to receiving the coaching I needed I learned the skills to properly nourish my family with healthy meals.